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In case anything is still unclear, don't hesitate to contact our support team

Unfortunately the days in a package are fixed (static) and not interchangeable to another airline.

At the moment only PASS Professional Plus is offered at a highly reduced price.

In case another promo period will become active we will announce it via one of our communication channels.

Please do not contact the PASS Support Team for coupon codes as their main priority is keeping the platform operational for all our candidates and to provide support where needed.

By using the PASS website and platform you agree to the terms and conditions. You can read about our refund policy in this section of the terms and conditions.

An airline package renewal discount of 20% has been technically integrated inside each package to renew that specific package in case extra preparation time is needed.

Unfortunately this discount is not transferable to a different package.

The PASS dashboard and content is only accessible with an active internet connection.

One of the major functionalities of the PASS platform is the scoring and graph algorithm which is connected to the tests which as well requires and active internet connection for correct score progression display graphs.

As both the dashboard and content are optimized for mobile devices, no app is available at the moment.

No, all PASS orders include a VAT amount which is based on your location and in accordance with our OSS VAT compliance. There is no option to enter a VAT number. After placing your order you will receive an invoice which includes the VAT amount for your bookkeeping and possible VAT charge back according to your local regulations.

Yes, for most online assessments, like AON, the use of a calculator is allowed. We do recommend to prepare yourself as well for mental math as this would as well be beneficial (time wise) when solving math questions.

For the psychometric tests at PASS we’re not just using a correct/incorrect scoring method. We believe (and this has proven over time) it is more beneficial to calculate your performance with our performance algorithm.

For this we take the correct and incorrect answers and the amount of test time available into account, plus an additional “PASS” factor. This results in your performance which is shown at the end of the test.

This could mean that even though you’ve had a certain number of correct answers in your test, that the balance in relation to your incorrect answers and the time available results in a low performance.

The same applies for the other way around, if you’ve scored a large amount of correct answers and you’ve had a low amount of incorrect answers, that the PASS performance calculation shows a high percentage.

At PASS the performance goal line is defined at 80% as this has proven to be very effective for the real assessment tests. So in general our advice is to achieve a score of at least 80% for each test.

Wishing you all the best!

The days inside a package subscription are fixed (static) and not adjustable by our team.

No, sharing of an account is not allowed and may result in your account being suspended.

It is also not recommended for your training purposes as this will disturb your performance and progression graphs.

PASS Professional is a generic preparation package which contains all preparation content to prepare for airlines for which we don’t offer a specific (targeted) preparation.

Additionally, PASS Professional Plus allows you to make a one-time change to a flight school or airline preparation for the remaining days of your subscription!

In case you have an upcoming assessment at one of the airlines for which we offer a targeted preparation, we advice to subscribe to this package as it allows access to all content and the forum of the specific airline.

No, we recommend to do your assessment preparation on the same kind of device which you can/will expect to do your real assessment on.

Also, the psychometric tests contain a lot of information which needs to be processed by the candidate and accurately dealt with. For the purpose of an efficient and optimized training we would thus recommend to do your preparation on a laptop or computer with a screen size optimal for fast and correct information processing and subsequent handling.

Yes sure, just follow the link on the frontpage of the website and experience the content and the user friendliness of the PASS dashboard for yourself.

For this we would recommend you to take a free look in the PASS dashboard where you can click on each subject to view the tests that are available inside this subject.

Whether your upcoming assessment is for a flight school or for an airline company, we recommend to use the PASS platform in both cases.

PASS has proven successful for all experience levels and has been used to successfully prepare for assessments at all major airlines.

After you’ve placed your order via the PASS dashboard, please send your current CV or Cover Letter including details about you and your background by e-mail to the PASS Team.

With this information, our airline assessment expert will work on your CV or Cover Letter to optimize your chances of getting that important invitation for an assessment!

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