Airline Selection Programme – Online

Airline Selection Programme
Online Course

Airline Selection Programme – Online Course

Recommended for:


Note: there is also a 2-day in person event, click here for more information.


Participate in the Airline Selection Programme (ASP), from the comfort of your home, with the option to:

– Add an optional practice interview (recommended for any airline selection)

– Add a professional profiling session (recommended for major airline selections)

– Add a SIM session (specific to your selected airline’s selection exercise)


How will the Airline Selection Programme benefit me?

ASP Online is the most time effective version of the Airline Selection Programme, giving you all you need to understand the mechanics behind airline selections. It will be of great use to you in order to adjust your approach ahead of your selection, and come to your final interview prepared with a full reflection over your career. This will greatly help the recruiter understand who you are and assess your suitability for the job.

A well prepared candidate makes fewer mistakes, knows to avoid selection pitfalls, and makes a much better impression. This is what we teach you here.

ASP online is a time and cost effective way to significantly improve your chances of success.


Morning programme

– Key Competency Framework

– Candidate Profiling

– Recruitment Matrix

– Decision Panel

– Preparation and Mindset

– Psychometric tests Pointers

– Sim Assessment Pointers


Afternoon programme

– Group Exercise Pointers

– Final Interview Preparation

– Classic Final Interview Theory

– Key Competency Based Final Interview Theory

– Great answers to tough interview questions

– Additional Tips / Tools / References


Additional training

Personal Interviews and Professional Profiling

– You can book a personal interview practice session after the course, this is highly recommended in order to put your training into practice.

– You can also book a professional profiling session, particularly useful if you’re going for a major airline selection. This is run using a licensed HR profiling platform which many major airlines use. There is 70 years of research behind it. A full debrief is provided.


SIM practice

If you require SIM practice and cannot come to an ASP physical session as published, contact us after you’ve done ASP Online and we will find a spot for you.


Costs: 300 €

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