ADAPT by Symbiotics

ADAPT by Symbiotics

What is ADAPT by Symbiotics?

Symbiotics are a global provider of assessment and selection solutions for airlines, ATOs and other aviation businesses and is the provider of the ADAPT system.

ADAPT is Symbiotics Assessment Software which includes the following tests:

– Maths Test
– Physics Test
– Cognitive Reasoning
– FAST Practice Test
– Control and Co-Ordination (Ball Game)
– ADAPT Personality Questionnaire
– Aviation Interview


Take the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the aptitude testing process within the aviation industry, to help to remove your test anxiety and demonstrate your true capability.


Symbiotics is now offering you the opportunity to take practice versions of the assessments used during the recruitment stage by airlines and ATOs around the world to allow you to best prepare for everything you will encounter during the recruitment process.

What is the FAST Test?

The ADAPT FAST test measures your ability to manage a dynamic environment. The assessment is generally used as a precursor to an assessment centre or acceptance onto a training programme. The test requires you to deal with multiple information sources simultaneously replicating the demanding work environment experienced by pilots.

The practice version gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with how the assessment works and to have a number of practice attempts to improve your performance level helping you to perform to the best of your ability in your actual assessments.

What is the Control and Co-Ordination Test?

Hand eye co-ordination tests are common in the Pilot selection process. The co-ordination practice test allows you to practice your ability to control a dynamic object using a joystick to assess your hand eye co-ordination. The assessment is commonly used as an initial test of physical skills and hand eye co-ordination to help to predict how well you will be able to deal with the physical tasks around training. Our practice test gives you the opportunity to hone those skills.

More information?

ADAPT by Symbiotics offers the unique possibility for ADAPT assessment candidates to practice the official assessment tests. For more information click here.

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