Airline Selection Programme – 2 Day (In-person)

Airline Selection Programme
In-person Course

Airline Selection Programme – 2 Day In-person Course

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This two day training is the most comprehensive pilot selection training available and consists of:

– The ASP Core Module

– A group exercise practice

– A personal interview with full debrief

– 3 hours of technical and theoretical training

– 3 hours simulator training based on your airline of choice


Day 1


ASP Core Module, consisting of:


Morning Programme

– Key Competency Framework

– Candidate Profiling

– Recruitment Matrix

– Decision Panel

– Preparation and Mindset

– Psychometric tests Pointers

– Sim Assessment Pointers


Afternoon programme

– Group Exercise Pointers

– Final Interview Preparation

– Classic Final Interview Theory

– Key Competency Based Final Interview Theory

– Great answers to tough interview questions

– Additional Tips / Tools / References


Day 2


– Group Interview 1h

– Theory training 2-3h

– Personal Interview with full debrief, 1 to 1, 1h

– Sim Practice 3h (A320 FBS or PA34 depending on qualification), shared with another candidate


Additional training

– You can also book a professional profiling session, particularly useful if you’re going for a major airline selection. This is run using a licensed HR profiling platform which many major airlines use. There is 70 years of research behind it. A full debrief is provided.


Costs: 700 €

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